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Disability FAQs


California State Disability Insurance (SDI) $20 Fee for all initial claims completed, $10 for each extension. Prepayment is required as we are unable to bill for this service.


How do I know if I qualify for benefits?
A small deduction is taken out of your paycheck under California State Insurance or SDI.  Some teachers/school employees and federal employees do not participate in this state deduction program. Call EDD if you are uncertain you qualify at 1-800-480-3287.


Where do I get the claims?
You may pick up a "disability packet" at our checkout desk, or go to the EDD website, Complete and sign pages 1- 4 before turning it in for completion. There is a $20 fee for all initial claims processed and a $10 fee for EACH extension completed. This also applies to disability through your employer (i.e., Aflac, Met Life, Standard, Unum, etc.) or a secondary private disability policy. You may also file State Disability claims online at the above website. There are 2 steps for filing online, registration and filing. You MUST have a valid email address to complete a claim online. Please note, you CANNOT file a disability claim prior to the date you become disabled. 

When do I turn in the disability claim to my doctor's office?
Turn in your completed(paper) form to us when you have stopped working, making sure it is completed in black ink and signed in all appropriate areas. We cannot turn in claims until you have stopped working. All SDI claims have a seven day, unpaid, waiting period. All paper and online claims are completed within 5 business days of receipt. 

How much money will I receive?
Call 1-800-480-3287 for benefits information and claim status. Claim status can only be provided by the SDI office.

How long will it be before I receive my Visa debit card?
Expect your first payment up in approximately 3-4 weeks from the disability office "processing" your paper claim (2-3 weeks if you've filed online). Please note that all "initial" claims & extensions filed are held by SDI until day 8 of your disability for processing.

How do I get placed on disability?
Your medical provider will make that decision. Being "disabled" means that you are unable to perform any and all job duties for the dates your doctor specifies.

How much time do I get?
You are allowed (state) disability 4 weeks before and 6 weeks (vaginal delivery) or 8 weeks (cesarean section) after delivery. Private companies usually start payment with the date of delivery, or date of surgery,  Check your policy FIRST for specific diagnosis coverage. If you are taken off of work for complications, a majority of companies consider some pregnancy side effects (nausea, vomiting, back pain, swelling) "normal" and will not pay benefits.  It is your responsibility to know your policy coverage.

My doctor placed me on leave early because of complications.  When I felt better and was released back to work, my employer couldn't accommodate me with the same job duties.  Can I stay on disability for the remainder of my pregnancy?
No.  Unless you have a medical condition that makes you unable to work anywhere and at any job, we cannot extend your leave.  Your employer may have to lay you off temporarily and have you file for unemployment until your 36th week of pregnancy, at which time you may file for advanced pregnancy benefits.  Speak to your employer regarding this issue.

What do I do with this supplemental certification form I received in the mail to extend my continuing disability?
If your provider has approved an extension, drop the supplementary certificate off & we will complete & mail in. There is a $10 fee for completion of this form.  For online extensions, call the office and make your $10 payment, and our claims coordinator will complete the extension online

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