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Pregnant? There's an app for that! 


All of these apps will update you on your progress, your baby's growth, all while giving you information every step of the way. These will help you get organized, connected to other future parents, and ready for your big day. Here are some of our favorites, but many more are listed and reviewed here! 

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My HealthMate, 

Free on the Apple Store and Google Play


Clovis Community Hospital has an in-house app with information for expectant parents. The app has a customized pregnancy tracker, weekly facts about baby’s growth, related articles and other tools such as: a kick counter, a hospital packing list, a contraction timer and a diaper and feeding log. 

What To Expect | Pregnancy Tracker, by Everyday Health

iPhone – 4.5 stars, Free

Android – 4 stars, Free 

From the world's most trusted pregnancy brand "What to Expect When You're Expecting", this app guides you through your pregnancy with personalized content, parenting news and health information. You can even create a photo journal of your journey and connect with other expectant moms and parents like you for advice and support! Even after pregnancy, you still receive advice on keeping your new baby happy and healthy. 

Contraction Timer, James Ots 

Android – 4.4 stars, Free 

Contraction Timer helps you time length and frequency of your contractions, showing the time of each contraction, their durations and the interval between them. Beautifully and simply designed, this app also allows you to edit entries, add comments to them, and graph the recent contractions. If you purchase the Contraction Timer Donate, for $1.81, you can also share times using Android Beam. 


BabyBump Pregnancy, Alt12 Apps, Inc.  

iPhone – 4.5 stars, Free

Android – 4.5 stars, Free 

Featured by the Huffington Post, CBS News, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, the iPhone Blog, and, this app has pregnancy forums, a preganancy countdown, daily & weekly information and images, and a database of baby names. You can also track your weight, your contractions, and your baby's kicks, and upload pictures of your pregnancy. You can also upgrade to the Pro version of this app for $2.99 for iPhone and Android.


I'm Expecting, by MedHelp, Inc. 

iPhone – 5 stars, Free

Android – 4.6 stars, Free 

This beautifully designed app combines all of the best features of pregnancy app: weekly pregnancy videos, fetal development images created by medical experts, and access to MedHelp's various forums on health, pregnancy, and baby. You can track your pregnancy symptoms and see how common they are compared to other pregnant moms, monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy, make notes about your mood, medicines, baby kicks, and more. The photo-centric design combines all of these must-have features with absolutely adorable pictures of babies on almost every page. Who doesn't love cute infants? 

My Pregnancy Today | BabyCenter 

iPhone – 4.5 stars, Free

Android – 4.6 stars, Free 

This app from BabyCenter, a parenting resource that supports 35 million moms worldwide, features fetal development images and a kicker tracker so you can follow your baby's progress, a pregnancy checklist that sends reminders of appointments and decisions, award winning videos, a birth club that allows you to connect with other moms due at the same time, and even a baby registry. This all-inclusive app is a must-have for the expectant mom. 

Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer 

iPhone – 5 stars, Free 

This clean, clutter free app lets you track the times, durations, and frequency of contractions and also rate their intensity. All you have to do is tap a single button to track the start and end of your contractions, and this app wil take care of the rest!  You can also monitor your progress through built-in graphs, and email your contraction history to yourself, your relatives, or your health care professional.

Pregnancy+, Health and Parenting, Ltd. 

iPhone – 5 stars, $2.99

Android – 4.5 stars, $2.99 

Recommended by healthcare providers and pediatricians, this clear and informative app beautifully visualizes all 42 weeks of your baby's development with interactive images and can be personalized for dads, grandparents, and other family members. It also features daily pregnancy information, a personal diary and weight log, diet, exercise and labor information, thousands of baby names and more. You can log your doctor appointments, track your baby's kicks, and time your contractions, and create shopping lists for your baby within this all-inclusive app. 


Pregnancy • Sprout, Med ART Studios

iPhone – 4.5 stars, $3.99 

Listed by Apple as an essential app for parents and recommended by Consumer Reports and Time, this comprehensive and trustworthy app offers stunning fetal-development images and interactive 3D models of your baby, and other must-have features, like a planner and journal for doctor's appointments, a visual pregnancy timeline that also includes when testing and procedures occur, a to-do list, a contraction timer, and a weight tracker! You can also create your own hospital bag checklist and shopping list for your newborn, with recommendations by other moms and doctors alike. This physician-recommended app gives you all you need to guide you through your pregnancy, every step of the way. 


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