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Classes are an important way for you to learn proven techniques and tips so that you're equipped for your delivery day. We highly recommend that you take Clovis Community Medical Center's classes to prepare for childbirth and take advantage of their online resources leading up to delivery and afterward. Currently, its "Prepared Childbirth" series is virtual due to COVID-19. For more information, call (559) 324-4938.

Due to the pandemic, Clovis Community Medical Center is offering a 10-part virtual series called "Prepared Childbirth" instead of in-person classes. Expectant parents must register to access the free series, and details for accessing the classes will be sent via a confirmation email. The series covers the following topics:


Introduction: A Tour of Clovis Community's Facilities
Class 1: Registration
Class 2: Understanding Labor & Birth
Class 3: The Stages of Labor
Class 4: Handling Labor Pain & Comfort Measures
Class 5: Applying Labor Pain & Comfort Measures
Class 6: Identifying Labor & Birth Interventions
Class 7: Understanding Cesarean Birth
Class 8: Postpartum Care
Class 9: Caring for Your Newborn
Class 10: Breastfeeding

CCMC has breastfeeding resources, including classes, through the Mother's Resource Center. Call (559) 459-2423 to register for private breastfeeding classes. It recommends another free, online tool called YoMingo, where parents can track baby’s feeding times, diaper changes, breast milk pumping amounts, measurements and immunizations. 

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