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Peters and Kroeker,

Obstetrics and Gynecology

A Member of Santé Foundation Medical Group & Part of Santé Health Foundation



These documents will guide you from pregnancy through delivery, and after.

Who We Are

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Dr. Kroeker

Dr. Kroeker joined the practice of her father, retired Dr. Alfred Peters, in 2001 after she completed her training at UCSF Fresno. She completed her medical school years at Wake Forest School of Medicine. Dr. Kroeker is married and has three children: JoAnna, Seth, and Benjamin.

Dr. Kroeker is in a call group with Drs. Stewart Mason, Kelleen Bosch and  Adanna Ikedilo. This ensures there is always a provider on call for patients in labor and emergency needs. Learn more about this here

Marine Grigorian-Avakian

Physician's Assistant 

Marine was born and raised in Armenia. She graduated from medical school in Yerevan in 1992 and moved to Fresno, CA in 1993. She graduated from UC Davis PA School in 2002, and within the same year, started working with Dr. Peters and Dr. Kroeker. Marine is married to a dentist here in Fresno. They have a son and daughter who studied at UC Davis and UCLA, respectively.


Kelly Pataca

Family Nurse Practioner

Kelly obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Marymount University in Virginia in 2011. She began her nursing career in an intensive care unit in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Kelly continued her career as a nurse in Tacoma, Washington and Charlottesville, Virginia as she moved around around the country with her husband while he served in the U.S. Army. In 2018, Kelly decided to pursue an advanced degree in nursing. In 2020, she graduated with honors and obtained her Family Nurse Practitioner Degree from George Washington University. Kelly spent the first two years of her career as a Nurse Practitioner working for a non-profit women's health clinic in Fresno. Kelly is a wife and mother of two boys. When she is not helping women, she enjoys running, yoga, gardening, baking bread, camping, and watching her boys grow into young men. 


Lauren Mangold

Certified Nurse Midwife

Lauren completed her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Columbia University in 2012 and began her career in cardiac progressive care in Detroit. She quickly transitioned to labor and delivery to pursue her true passion, and graduated from the University of Michigan with her Master’s degree with a focus in nurse midwifery. Lauren also spent two years working in a private obstetrics practice and volunteered as a doula at San Francisco General Hospital, where she witnessed the ability of midwives to provide vital care to women and was inspired by how they educated and empowered the patients they served. She began her career as a Certified Nurse Midwife in 2015 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Lauren is a wife and a mother of three boys, and enjoys cooking, baking, reading, hiking, chasing after her wild and crazy boys and riding her Peloton. 

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Lisa Baker

Family Nurse Practitioner  

Lisa received her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Fresno State University in 2014. She began her career as a registered nurse in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Community Regional Medical Center. While working, Lisa pursued her master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from United States University in San Diego in 2022. Lisa realized her love for women’s health after she had her child in 2023. She is married and they have one child. In her spare time, she loves going to the beach and spending time with her friends and family. 

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